Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrity Look for Less: Minka Kelly!

What a beautiful afternoon to dress like a celebrity! 
Minka Kelly has always been a favorite since Friday Night Lights!
I love what she wears but everything is out of my price range! So I wanted to do some posts about how to achieve a celeb look for wayyyyy less!


Cute right??
Her pants alone costs $189. Do you know how much stuff I could buy with that money.. a lot of stuff mainly purses and dresses! haha 
Ok down here are some items similar to Minka's that are way cheaper!

So the total cost for this WHOLE OUTFIT WAS...........
$144.45!!! I hope you are as excited as I am!! 
This was fun and I have to do this again! Have an amazing rest of your day where ever you are! :)
-Love Josie!

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