Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Essentials:10 Skirts under $50!!

Good afternoon my loves! So in preparation for summer months to come I give you Summer Essentials! Summer Essentials entails 10 affordable items such as skirts, dress, shoes, you know the usual all under $50 bucks!
Today we will start off with skirts!
I will post 10 skirts and where you can get them!
 Here we go! :)

How adorable is skirt #1 from Forever 21! So I might be a little biased only because I have this skirt. I just bought it last week Monday! I seriously love this skirt. It's really comfortable and you can wear it with anything!
Cost: $13.80

Skirt #2 So I am so in love with this neon mini from Urban Outfitters! 
Cost: $49.00

Skirt  #3 I'm in la la la love with this skirt, in my mind I am thinking of so many things to go with this!!
Dee & Ray Cost: $42.99

Skirt #4 OMGGG I love this teal polka dot skirt!
Target Cost: $17.99

Skirt #5 is so cute! Everyone needs a white skirt, especially for summer! 
River Island Cost: $25.00

Skirt #6 Ok so you might think it's a little Christmas like but if you pair it up with other colors like navy or coral this would be really cute and not make you think of Christmas! There problem solved!! :)
Lu Lu's Cost: $34.00

Skirt #7 Even the name is cute! Twice Around. I love the grey color.
Tobi Cost: $28.00

Skirt #8 Would be seriously worn out by the end of the summer! 
Lace Affair Cost: $36.99

Skirt #9 in the voice of Rachel Zoe "this it totally majs (major)!" I absolutly adore this skirt not only for it's bold color and awesome stripes but for the hem of the skirt better known as High-Low! I am obsessed with High- Lows!  
Maurices Cost: $29.99 

Skirt #10 Every girl needs a denim skater skirt! 
Miss. Selfridges Cost: $49.00

Well loves this was fun, I hope you buy ALL of these fabulous skirts!
-Love Josie! :)

So remember at the beginning of this post I told you I had the first skirt?!? Well here is my Instagram picture of the outfit! 
Ok here are the details of the outfit:
Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Cathy Jean
Rings: Set of four
Nails: Done by yours truly! They are daises :)

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