Monday, April 23, 2012

My Brothers Signature Style: Modern Preppy!

Good morning my loves! I am really sorry for abandoning you for like 3 weeks the end of my first year of college is coming to an end within the 2 weeks so I have been very frazzled and really tired! But that is NO EXCUSE! 
So today's post is about my brother and how I am going to determine his body type and signature style. (Men's Body Type and Signature Style Project) Ok side note: (This class Wardrobe Strategy is seriously one of my absolute favorite classes I have had throughout my ENTIRE LIFE! I would take it over again just to redo the projects because it allows my creativity to just flow out and I really do have an amazing teacher I seriously aspire to be like her when I get older! She said on one of my projects here... That she can see me doing this as a profession! That seriously made my week and that is a big thing coming  from someone I aspire to be like in the future! Thank you Reachel! )

Ok back on track!! 
So my brother Jared Wesley Jackson is 15 years old and is tall and very athletic. With measurements of a Linear Body Type:
Height: "5"9"
Neck 15
Chest 38
Waist 30
Hip 37
Arm 33
Leg Length 36
And Ratios of a Super V Body Type
Waist/Chest 0.78
Chest/Waist 1.26
Waist/Hip 0.64
Ok since Jared is only 15 and still growing his body type is of two as of now but when he gets older hopefully he will have the best body type. Body Type: he would be a Linear Super V. The characteristics of these body types are as follows: Broad Chest,
Masculine & Burly,  Angular,
Lean & Spare.
Now for the signature style! I have determined my brothers style as Modern Preppy

Well guys this was fun! If you want me to determine you body type and signature style message me:) 
Have a fabulous day! 
-Love Josie

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