Monday, October 22, 2012

Manicure Monday! Painted Stripes DIY

Good morning loves! So I really like to do nails but since I have been gone for a while I did not post any of them but they are all @josiesfashiondiaries but I'll post them on here!

So I'm always looking at Pinterest for new ideas to try! Seriously if you want to paint your nails but are nailed at what to do lol just go to pinterest and search up nails!
So I actually don't celebrate Halloween but I do like to make my nails festive for any holiday. So I just used black nail polish from Sally Hansen, metallic gray also from Sally Hansen, a bright orange from Sinful Colors and some tape and scissors. First I painted 3 of my nails silver 1 black and the other orange to both hands. Then I painted 2 strips of tape black and 1 strip of tape gray. I waited for it to dry then cut them into tiny strips (you will see that I am not the best cutter :/ ) Next I placed them where I wanted and painted the top coat and tada! 

Here are the other Manicures I've done.
Summer: The yellow polka dot bikini nails!

I did my friends nails with a tooth pick! 
My 90's inspired nails

 Simple stripes.

 My reverse accent nail haha but these were my first nails of fall!

 Stripes made with tape stickers!

 I love anything polka dot!

These I would have to say were my absolute favorite nails! I got this idea from Pinterest. It was an all nighter but hey I think they look pretty good! They were actually pretty easy just time consuming with different nail colors!

Well my loves I hope you have had a great morning so far! Look really soon for my Outfit of the day post on Instagram and on here! 
-Love Josie :)

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi my loves! I'm back! I am really sorry that I haven't been posting it's just that I have the busiest schedule ever this semester! :(
Anyways this post is about my latest fashion savings haul! I actually made this video the week after Labor Day (yes I know I haven't posted since before Labor Day) and never had time to post it because it's really long! Haha
I really want to catch you up on some fun things I have been doing, and cute pictures over the past almost two months, so look out for weekend posts.
I also want to do more DIY's and Sewing Posts. 
Sorry for rambling, I have had a lot of time to think about some fun posts! 
Well here it is:
Also my blog looks a little different huh? Yes I loved the older layout but it didn't show some things that I really wanted to be shown!
Oh I just did this last night in honor of Arizona's weather next week. It's going to be in the 80's all next week, you have nooooo idea how long we have waited for this beautiful weather to come! :)
I give you pumpkins:

Alright my loves have a fashionable day! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Outfit of the Day.

Good morning loves. Today I decided to wear brown in all different shades and that it was time to bring out some ankle boots.

Dress: Target: Christmas present, so no more than $24.00.
Belt: Forever 21 (on sale ) $1.50
Shoes: Target (on sale) $7.99 originally $29.99
Purse: H and M (on sale) $20.00 originally $34.00

Alright my loves, have a great day and also look for some new obsessions on my instagram follow me at josiesfashiondiaries

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fashion Savings Haul 2!

Good morning my loves! Here is my second fashion savings haul video. I want to show you how much I can save and how little I can spend :)

Love Josie