Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning loves, so I would be on a plane in a week today going to NEW YORK!!!! you know I will keep you updated with everything that involves fashion, but anyways OK, this is my second day as an official fashion blogger and it feels great!!
So I like to stay organized (most of the time lol) so we are going to kind of follow a schedule but there might be surprises in the near future!!
Sundays- Sunday School, This is where I post every Sunday about what you can wear on the next school day which is as you know, Monday.
Mondays- Designer Mondays, Each Monday I will make a set about the designers I love either showing their work or their advertisement or recreating photos with clothing.
Tuesdays- Who Wore It Best Tuesdays, Every Tuesday I will post a picture of 2 Celebrities who wore the same outfit over the weekend or in the past. I will post my opinion and you can too!
Wednesdays- Website Wednesdays, Here I will let you in on all my fashion secrets by posting my favorite website, if you have a website that I haven't posted yet let me know and I will.
Thursdays- Must Have Thursdays, Every time I look at a magazine I find something(s) that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE..... so I would like to share my new found loves!
Friday Favorites- So throughout the week I will be hunting down my top 5 favorite outfits of the week and will posting them so you can see.
Saturday- Saturday Night Sets, almost everybody (except me) goes out on Saturday nights, and when you go out you have to look hot! so every Sat. Night I'm going to post bright and vivid sometimes classy and sophisticated sets that you can use as a guide to go out that night!
There will also be an Outfit Of The Day (OOTH), featuring me wearing what ever is in my closet, if you have a question like can you show me a nerdy but cute outfit or a classy and sassy outfit I will try my hardest to make that look for you:)
Occasionally there will be OBSESSIONS where I find something and I just have to share!
Do's And Dont's will feature celebrities and who did it right and who did it wrong.
Last but not least City Trends I love knowing that whenever I go back home (Alabama) they are always wearing the latest trends and when I come home we don't wear what they were until 6 or more months after!! So I have a few friends helping me out with the trends of their cities and I will be sharing them with you!:)
If you have any suggestions let me know - Love Josie!

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