Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outfit of The Day!

Good morning loves! So for the outfit of the day, i wanted to do something totally different and put the pictures on polyvore but it wasn't working! :( 
Ill do it the old way! 
Enjoy :)

OK so here it goes! I really have been loving that colored jeans are coming back! ( my next pair is going to be coral and yellow!) I admit when they were popular 3 years ago I would NOT wear them! but now I have   pink, blue, white, gray, and black! 
So here are my blue ones I just bought yesterday! :)
Pants: Marshall's: $19.00
Shoes: Charlotte Russe : $22.00
Purse: Olivia and Joy: $40.00
Headband: Charlotte Russe: (in a set of 4) $3.99
Shirt: Gap: $13.99
Ring: Forever 21: $1.50
I didn't realize three years ago that playing with color is so much fun!
Have an awesome Tuesday loves :)

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