Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Website Wednesday!!

Good morning loves! Today is Website Wednesday!!!
Today's website is Who What Wear. This website is partially about readers asking the stylist about a certain celeberty wearing a certain outfit. They answer their question by showing that picture and giving them details like how much Mandy Moore's sweater, pants and shoes were.
They also update you on the newest trends called stories and you can click on the link that says shop the story if you like any of the pieces. They also have more categories Fashion of course, Beauty, Ask a Stylist, Celebrity & Trendsetters and many more so go check out this website it's pretty awesome! You can also sign up for who what wear daily email!! 
Definitely one of my favorite websites! 

Just in time for spring!! 

Are you going to try silver shoes? Me only if they are sparkly!! 

I love how Rachel Bilson is a guess editor on whowhatwear! She does the same on
Have a fabulous day!! 
-Love Josie :)

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