Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fashion Against Aids H&M Collection

Good Morning Loves :)
Today H&M launched their Fashion Against Aids Collection!! They have been launching a collection since 2008!!
When I got the email I remembered on an episode of Project Runway Season 8 Mondo designed an outfit for Aids Awareness Day! 
A little reminder:

Here are some pictures from the collection that I thought were cutesy!!

Pieces from the collection:
Denim Shorts $24.95
Top $29.95
Skirt $ 12.95
Shoes $29.95
Necklace $14.95
Bracelet $9.95
Top $5.95

25% of the purchase price goes to HIV/AIDS Prevention, So make a difference and shop!! 

Do this, go to the H&M website here: 

-Love Josie :)

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