Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Website Wednesday: Top Coat It!

Good morning my loves! This weeks website is called Top Coat It. It's all about nails, nails, and more nails! On this website the author posts about her new manicure almost everyday of the month. You can find so many cute ideas to try out your self, myself included. (The Chevron Mani!) I actually tried it out twice cause I wanted different colors haha! but below is the website and some really cute pictures! 
Enjoy!! :)


 Here.. ahha not that good but I'm gonna keep trying. Oh by the way this is way easier if the bottom color is a real nail polish strips. I say this because the process is a lot quicker cause you are only painting on one nail polish instead of two! 

Well loves I hope you stop by her website it's pretty cool, and maybe you can try somethings out yourself! 
-Love Josie :)

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