Monday, July 23, 2012

Outfits: Back to School Edition

Good morning my loves! So this post is all about going back to school and looking cute or swagging as my little brother would say haha! My brother's first day as a Junior is today! I can't believe that he is a Junior already and it will be two years that I have graduated from Basha High School this year! It's crazy  how time just flies by!  
So I wanted to post a new outfit of my baby brother and I of what we would wear for our first week of school! 
I will have the prices for you as well!

Shirt:  Gap $10.98 (In stores now on sale!)

Blue Jeans: H&M $29.99

 Van's Era Lace less Sneakers: Nordstrom $34.00 (Anniversary Sale still going on!)

It's me!! 
Dress: Target $7.99(On sale!) 
Vest: Romeo and Juliet Couture $49.00

Bracelet: Dillard's $7.99 (On sale!)
Purse: Downeast Basics: $42.99
Shoes: Cathy Jean $17.99 (On sale!)

Alright my loves come back tomorrow to see what we are wearing!
Oh guess what?!?! Tomorrow marks a year that I have started The Fashion Diaries! I can't even believe it!  I wanted to do something special, so I am making an Instagram! So hopefully it will be daily! The name will be josiesfashiondiaries like the blog! 
Have a fashionable day!
-Love Josie

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